Our Mission

Dr. Lazarus, D.C.,  strives to provide an optimal support system for your journey to total wellness and a joyful, healthy lifestyle.  In addition to our clinic, we intend for this website to include a forum with facts, recipe ideas and non-biased research to promote your optimal health and wellness.  We do this through  our R.A.W. Fundamentals–using the latest in research to achieve lifestyle changes through diet, lifestyle modifications, specialized testing and personalized nutritional supplementation.

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Dr. Ryan Lazarus, D.C., uses his approach of recognizing and correcting the underlying causes of aggravating symptoms, illness and chronic disease. Ryan’s philosophy is to empower his patients to stop managing their symptoms and begin fixing the primary causes of their condition.
Dr. Lazarus, D.C., has an intense passion to educate and heal each of his patients, not to hide or tame the symptoms.

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Please contact the office at
707-224-2845 if you are interested in attending or sponsoring a presentation by Dr. Lazarus, D.C

Dr. Ryan Lazarus is a Certified Practitioner by the Institute for Functional Medicine


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