Celebrating teamworkWe provide services to assist your employees to make a lifestyle change that positively affects their health and the company’s bottom line. A wellness program facilitates employees’ understanding of their current health status and risks and provides an instructive path to improved health or health maintenance. This keeps your employees healthy and productive, both of which has been shown to reduce health care costs for individuals, employers and the overall health care system. Dr. Lazarus provides individualized support for each member based on his or her own health risk profile. This profile is created by utilizing state of the art subjective health and lifestyle questionnaires, physical examinations, fitness assessments, bio impedance analysis and various wellness labs. This comprehensive approach allows the wellness practitioner to assess each individual’s health profile and recommend the appropriate action. Once action is taken, follow up visits and labs provide the subjective and objective data indicating healthy behavior changes.

Fitness Challenges

Hand weightsWe provide the experience and tools to assess the subjective and objective changes that occur with a body composition or fitness challenge. We have worked with numerous gyms in the Napa Valley to promote healthy habits and proper body comp changes. This is achieved by gathering objective information about your body using a Bio-Impedance Analysis. This state of the art technology provides the most accurate analysis of each patient’s body composition including lean body mass, fat percentage, total body water percentage, body mass index and basal metabolic rate.