Imagine starting every day with boundless energy, mental clarity, and physical vitality. Imagine a lifestyle characterized by success, achievement, and optimal performance. Today, there is a program that harnesses a unique combination of hands-on care and cutting-edge technology that uncovers your unique physiology.

These are the components of health that Dr. Ryan Lazarus has developed with over a decade of extensive training in Functional Medicine, Clinical Nutrition and Exercise Science. We will provide you the personalized blueprint to achieve your genetic potential and to create the life you’ve imagined!

Wellness Warrior Rx is an innovative wellness program combining comprehensive diagnostic testing with a personalized health prescription.

It uses proprietary assessment algorithms to generate your own Health Grade, calculates your true Biological Age and provides your personalized Wellness Warrior Prescription.

This personalized prescription is your blueprint to improve your health, increase your performance, lower your biological age and achieve your genetic potential.

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